How to make bacon pancakes

The ingredients needed are bacon, pancake mix and butter (optional chocolate chips or blueberries)

I am making 3 pancakes so I will only need 3 pieces of bacon but the amount can vary depending on how many pancakes you are making.

Tip: Make sure to have your pancake batter ready because you want the bacon to still be warm so the flavor mixes into the batter!

First you cook the bacon

While your bacon is cooking prep your pan or griddle with butter or non stick spray

Next you pour a layer of pancake batter into your pan or griddle

Then your set your first piece of bacon into the batter

Next you add another layer of pancake mix over the bacon

Tip: You can add chocolate chips to the pancake to make it more sweet

Once your bottom layer of pancake batter is golden brown, flip it

While you wait for your pancakes to cook clean up your supplies to shorten clean up time.

Once your second layer of mix is finished cooking remove them from the pan


Watch the video: How to Make BACON Pancakes.. EASY!

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