How to make yogurt + blueberry pancakes with no added sugar

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Begin by gathering your supplies.

Next, measure your oil, which will be combined shortly with the other wet ingredients.

Then, crack your egg into the bowl with the oil, and add the yogurt.

Mix the wet ingredients until smooth and well-combined.

Pour your dry ingredients into a separate, larger mixing bowl. Add as much cinnamon as suits your fancy! Toss your blueberries into the wet mix.

Add the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients, and mix until smooth and well-combined (i.e. no clumps of dry ingredients).

Oil your pan or griddle, distributing the oil evenly. You may use butter to grease the pan if you prefer.

Make sure your burner is on a low setting. NOTE: every stovetop is different. Test one pancake to get a feel for what "low" means for your cooktop if you're not sure. ;)

Your mixture will be thicker than other pancake batters because of the yogurt and self-rising flour, so add a few dollops of batter to the pan to create a pancake about the size of your palm.

After about a minute, use a spatula to test the browning side of the pancake. If it peels up in one piece, give it a flip. The other side should be gently browned.

Be sure your pancakes are cooked through the middle before plating. Each pancake should take about 4 minutes, give or take, so do a few at a time in your roomy pan.

After only a few minutes on the stove, you'll have a beautiful plate of fluffy, DELICIOUS blueberry yogurt pancakes with ZERO added sugars!

To kick up the yum factor and healthiness of this dish even more, why not top your pancakes with banana slices instead of syrup? Mmmm :)

Yummy goodness! Gooey blueberries, are you kidding me? Make these!

Last step: definitely throw away that ramen you were going to make for breakfast instead. ;) Bon appétit!


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