How to 10 beauty myths your grandma told you

We’ve teamed up with Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc. to debunk ten myths you might have heard from your grandmother that are worth contesting — just don’t tell her ;).

1. Pumping your mascara makes it work better. Actually, by pumping the brush into the tube, you’re putting air bubbles into the mascara which will make it dry out and clump faster.

2. Let wounds breathe. Uncovered cuts scab making a barrier between healthy skin cells & slowing healing. Cover ‘em up with Band-Aid Brand Adhesive Bandages by Oh Joy! to speed up the healing process.

3. A base tan will prevent you from getting a sunburn. Bottom line: You can get sunburned anytime you expose unprotected skin to sunlight — even when it’s cloudy outside.

4. Once your powder compacts shatter, they’re done for. Wrong! Simply crush up the entire pan of makeup, add a bit of rubbing alcohol until it’s absorbed. Press down to make it whole and let it set.

5. Avoid oil-based products if you have oily skin. Nope! Oil attracts oil, so if you use a cleansing oil to wash your face, it’ll work to balance out oily skin.

6. Toothpaste can help shrink zits. While this is an old school beauty hack, the ingredients in some toothpastes aren’t necessarily beneficial for your skin. You’re better off leaving the zit alone.

7. Shampoo will stop working if you don’t switch it up. This is *so* not true. Shampoo cleanses your hair — period — and won’t stop working just because you’ve been using the same formula for a while.

9. If you eat too many sweets, you will break out. This just straight up isn’t true. There’s not one specific type of food that can cause you to break out.

10. You should always match your foundation on your neck. While most people color match their foundation to their neck, it’s really best to find the closest match on the inside of your wrist.

Watch the video: 10 Hair Care Myths. Should You Stop Believing These?

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