How to make a delicious cocoa cake

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Prepare your ingredients Milk , oil , sugar , cocoa powder ( sift the cocoa powder )

Mix your ingredients

Take a cup and full it with the mixture we made

Put it aside and save it for later

Use the rest of the mixture and add the eggs and the sifted flour and baking powder and vanilla extract and the orange peel ( zest ) optional

After mixing prepare your pan and cover it with some oil

Don't forget the sides

Pour your mixture

Put it in the preheated oven

Let it cook and to know if it's cooked it will seem dry and to make sure stuck a knife inside it and if you pull it out with the mixture on it , it means that is not cooked

If you pull it out clean it means that it's cooked

When it's cooked pull it out of the oven since it's hot pour the the cup of the mixture we left before and spread it well using a spatula

Make some holes to let the mixture get in

Let it cool and then cut it ( I didn't let it cool sorry I was in a hurry )cut in into square shapes

Hope you enjoy eating it have fun making it ^^ Bonnie appetit

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