How to make fabulous focaccia

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Gather your supplies

This recipe is from "Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day". I have baked at least ten recipes from this book and learned to work with soft, wet dough. Thank you, Jeff Hertzberg and Zoe François!

If you can buy pizza dough from your grocery store, you can skip straight to step 19!!😋🏻. Use 1/2 pound of dough and go from there!!

In a lidded container, stir the sugar and yeast into the water

Add the olive oil after the yeast has dissolved.

Stir it all together

Mix the salt with the flour

Add the flour/salt mixture to the water all at once! NOT a little at a time! It will be much easier to mix the flour if you put it in all at once.

I use a large dough whisk to mix the dough, you can use your hands, or a large mixer. The container and whisk I use are available on

You might have to add a few teaspoons of water or just wet your hands, to get the last of the flour incorporated,

Once you have no dry flour left, turn the dough over a few times, don't knead it. That's not necessary! ️

When it's all mixed and turned, it will still look a little ragged and lumpy, but that's ok. Just snap on the lid. Don't close it airtight, that's bad.

Set a timer for two hours and set the container aside. I don't have any idea why this photo is upside down! When I figure it out, I'll fix it!

After 30 minutes, the dough is still pretty rough and just beginning to rise!

It doesn't take long to grow! Starting to look pretty good after about an hour an a half!

Times up! This dough is VERY HAPPY! It could be used right now.......

.......but I always put it in the refrigerator overnight to use the next day. It's MUCH easier to work with! That other container is a turkey brining to be smoked for an early Thanksgiving!

Time to make FOCACCIA!!!! 😋

Right when you take the dough out of the refrigerator, set your oven for 500°! It needs to be REALLY hot!

Gather the supplies for today's focaccia. I use a nine inch pie pan. Seems the perfect size for dinner for two - that's what we're making in this Guide.

Sprinkle a little flour on your work surface - not too much. The cold dough will work pretty easily.

Divide the dough into four - you have at least ten days to use the rest. The book says it's good for twelve days, but I can't verify that! Ours has NEVER lasted more than five days! 😋

Just grab one section and pull it out of the container.

Flour your hands and stretch and roll the dough into a ball.....

Let it rest for about 15 minutes......

Pour two or three tablespoons of olive oil into the pie plat.....

Just set the dough ball into the oil....

Flatten it with your fingers and turn it over to get both sides oiled up!. Let rest a little and keep spreading until it fills the pan

When it is puffed, poke your fingers all over the top. When they stay, the dough is ready. Today in our house the temperature and conditions took about 30 minutes total to reach this stage.

Place a few Rosemary leaves in each "poke" and sprinkle the sea salt and garlic over the top.

Place it in the middle of the pre-heated oven and......

Set the timer for twenty minutes. This is a guideline, the focaccia is done when it "looks" done!

Looks done to me!😋. Notice the garlic is pretty dark - that doesn't seem to matter - it's delicious!

Ready to eat - serve with a little prosciutto and olives - and of course, some good red wine!

Just cut it in four with your favorite pizza cutter or knife. Make sure it's still hot! That way the crust will be crunchy and.....

........the inside will be soft and airy!


I guess we didn't like it! 😉

You can use the rest of the dough for many things, like Georgian egg bread for tomorrow's breakfast....

.....or flat bread with fig jam, walnuts, blue cheese and prosciutto, or........

Good old pepperoni pizza! Or some of my other guides, like "Pop's Pepperoni Bread", or "Flammkuchen for Super Bowl"......or any flatbread you can imagine!

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