How to decorate a hipster tote bag

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Place a thick magazine or cardboard piece inside tote bag. Set stencil on bag top. Pounce chalkboard paint over design, holding stencil still. Wipe off stencil, then line up and color both sides. Dry.

Choose Prima flowers, leaves, and fabric word of your choice.

Add a vintage effect to all embellishments by spraying with Color Bloom Spray - Tea Stain. Dry.

Add large flower to lower left bottom of bag. Tuck in smaller flowers, leaves, & fabric letters. Snap a photo with your smart phone to remember where everything was. Adhere everything with Fabri-Tac.

Group flowers and leaves as shown to upper right side of bag front. Once you like the results glue into place with Fabri-Tac.

Seal flowers, leaves, word, and bag with two coats of Krylon Clear Finish. This allows you to spot clean the bag. Do not launder bag or flowers/leaves will be damaged.

Add trim bow or ribbon to handle if desired! Enjoy your one-of-a-kind Prima hipster tote!

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