How to make sablésbiscuits at home

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The reference of this recipie soniafares8 it will make around 50-60 sablés. It depends on the size you cut them

In a food processor, put flour, sugar, almond meal and give them few pulses until well mixed

Add the butter cubed and very cold. Pulse around 20 times check. You might need few more pulses.

Add the egg yolk and always use the pulse botton.

That is what you should get

Empty them on a cling film that wou would put in a small cake mould.

Press them until they come together. With z help of a knife cut in z middle then cut cross wise. Take each quarter and form a roll z thickness you desire. That will determine z diameter of ur cookies

Divide into 4 and make rolls. This step help you to desperate them in almost 4 equal parts. Make 4 rolls envelope. Them with a cling film and...

Refrigerate for al least 2 hours. Or freeze and cook when needed, the amount needed. Each stick would make 10 -12 biscuits

Cut them into rondelles-

Put them on a tray lined with parchment paper. put the in the freezer 20 mins. the time you oven is heating. Cook 13-15 mins in a preheated (200 C) oven

Here are the cookies. I like them golden so I cooked them for 15 mins. You could cook them less... Personal preference. The imperfections prove that they are home made 🇫🇷

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