How to make a green papaya salad

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Gather all your ingredients. For the long beans, cut in into 1 inch length and for the dry shrimp, soaked it in warm water for 5-10 minutes.

For this recipe, you will need to keep pounding all the ingredients. Pound garlic and shrimp until it's mash up.

Add palm sugar and continue to pound until it's broken into small pieces.

Add peanuts and salt, continue to pound until it's broken into small pieces.

Add green beans and bruised it. Make sure the green beans don't fall apart.

Add basil and cilantro and continue to bruise it. Both basil and cilantro is optional. I love to add basil in my salad. Love the taste and smell of it.

Add sliced tomatoes and pound it. You want to pound until the tomatoes juice to come out.

It should look like this, then add lime juice and fish sauce. You welcome to add more of it, until you satisfied with the flavor.

Add shredded papaya and mix everything.

Serve and enjoy.

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