How to make arroz con gandules y chorizo (rice & gandules)

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Rinse your rice well before we add this to our pot of beans

Let's start slicing our chorizo.

Over medium high heat I will add the oil.

To the oil I have added the chorizo fried it up a bit, I then added the sofrito.

I have incorporated the sofrito and chorizo. Let's add the color

The tomato sauce

The sazon accent

The adobo

lastly the beans.

My secret Ingredient, I saved some of the pork shoulder(pernil) broth and I am adding it to my rice. This right here is gold !! It makes this rice taste out of this world.

I added some water as well to the broth to bring it to 2 1/8 cups. You can use plain water if you don't have pork broth. I happen to have it since I made pernil to accompany this rice.

Here is my frozen cilantro. If you happen to have fresh add a sprig or two right now.

I forgot to take a picture of how I cover my rice. If you need to see how to do this look at my other guide I have posted . Cook for 25-30 min

The rice is ready. Enjoy😉

Enjoy. Serve with pernil, potato salad and maybe some yucca. Soooo gooodd!'

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