How to create a spring blessings card

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These are the supplies you will need to make this project. It will also be helpful to have a pencil and ruler on hand.

The Momenta stickers come in a sheet that looks like this.

Cut your paper so it measures 10" x 7". Fold it in half to create a 5" x 7" card.

Download the carrot template from Cut the template into a rectangle, then carefully cut out the triangle.

Trace and cut out 5 carrots.

Optional: apply ink to the edges of the carrots so they pop out from the card.

Your carrots will look like this when they are inked.

Cut the bakers twine into five 7" sections.

Holding the ends in place, wrap the baker's twine around a ruler or 1 inch piece of cardboard.

Slip the loops off of the ruler, and cut apart at the top.

Your carrot top will look like this.

Apply a generous amount of glue stick to the top of a carrot and press the twine in place. Repeat for all 5 carrots.

Apply glue stick to the back of each carrot and press into place on the card. Choose a small word sticker to embellish each carrot and one large word sticker for the bottom of the card.

This card will be beautiful to wish someone a happy birthday or for a Easter greeting.

We hope you enjoyed this National Craft Month project! Please post a photo of your Blessings Card to our Facebook page:

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