How to use tcw stencils & inkto alter a canvas purse

start with a plain canvas zipper top purse. prewash; then iron if needed; do not use starch or sizing.

insert a piece of chipboard inside purse to prevent bleeding of inked designs to other side.

tape bag down to work surface, then tape Screen Print stencil to bag with grid pattern at bottom left. also tape off any portions of the design that you don't want inked.

begin inking stencil using Sunshine Crafter's Ink applied using Stylus & Tips.

add touches of Desert Sand Ink to design.

inked design.

tape Butterfly Collage stencil with diamond pattern at right side of bag. ink using Sunshine and then Desert Sand ink.

inked design.

tape the dot section of the Impressions stencil at bottom of bag and ink using Sunshine and Sweet Pea Inks.

repeat inking at top of bag as well.

tape Tatting stencil at center of bag and begin inking with Limon Ink in areas of the design. you will have to ink the outer edges of the stencil as well as the interior.

ink more areas with Limelight, overlapping some of the previous inking to blend. move tape if needed to ink areas under it.

do the same with Aquamarine Ink.

background layers inked.

tape Eye Bits to center of bag.

use Jungle Ink to fill in iris, Desert Sand for "whites of eyes" and Aruba Ink for eye shadow.

for a little shimmer, use stylus & tip to apply Bamboo Izink to iris.

apply Opaline Izink to fill in "whites".

and use Topaz Izink to fill in eye shadow.

inked eye design.

tuck strap into back of bag and tape off corners where it shows above the bag.

place bag in Color Catcher lined with paper towels.

spritz lightly using Spun Sugar Smooch Spritz.

cover ironing board with a rag and then cover bag with clean paper towels. iron over design to heat set inks, moving iron around every few seconds.

retape stencil over eye.

outline eye using brown sharpie. move tape if needed.

add some "artistic" touches to the lashes as well as the eye.

finished eye.

tape Stone Rings stencil at upper left on back of bag. begin inking with Sunshine Ink.

add touches of Desert Sand Ink.

move stencil and ink with Sunshine and Sweet Pea Inks.

begin filling in areas using diamond portion of Butterfly Collage stencil, inking with Sunshine, Desert Sand and Sweet Pea Inks.

design on back of bag so far.

tape Believe Script stencil at a slant on back of bag. Ink using Jungle, Limelight and Aruba Inks.

finished design on back of bag. distress using Spun Sugar Smooch Spritz and iron to heat set inks as before.

place cotton fringe in Color Catcher and spritz in spots using Mermaid ColorBox Archival Dye Ink Spritzer.

continue tinting using Grasshopper, Lemon Drop and Putty Dye Ink Spritzers. move fringe to expose more uninked areas as you work. spritz both sides of the fringe.

wad fringe up in paper towels and gently squeeze to press ink into fringe and to remove excess ink.

place fringe in clean paper towels and squeeze again.

"dyed" fringe.

place fringe between clean paper towels and iron to heat set and dry inks.

adhere fringe along bottom of bag using Fabri-Tac Glue, trim ends and apply a bit of glue to raw edges to seal.

glue sequin trim along top edge of fringe trim using Fabri-Tac. seal each end with a little more glue over sequin and thread to prevent unraveling.

use pieces of "junque" jewelry to create a beaded accent to attach to zipper pull.

finished embellished bag... please visit The Crafter's Workshop Blog for more GREAT projects... * find me at tami sanders*paper crafter...

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