How to can antipasto

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Don't forget the cauliflower!

Fill the canner with enough water to almost cover the jars. Don't actually put the jars in like I did. Start heating up the canner. It will take a while.

Heat up all the lids and seals you need - and a few extras - until hot. Don't boil, though.

Heat some water in a kettle. I'll tell you why later.

Get a big bowl and chopper. You can chop by hand (die hards do), but this saves time.

Colander at the ready for the canned stuff.

Start choppin'! Chop the peppers by hand.

For all the ingredients in the cans and bottles, use the chopper. Saves time. Here are the pickles. Don't chop too much. Can have some chunks.

Take apart the cauliflower by hand in small pieces. Add a bit of water. Cook in microwave for a few minutes. Don't cook fully. And don't forget it in the microwave! Have done this twice!

Liquids! And sugar. Oops! Vinegar missing. Don't forget that.

Mix everything together. It should be chunky. Try a bit on a cracker. Or a lot... This is a double batch.

Assemble tools for canning. Large funnel, spoon, knife, magnet wand, tongs. Best if you can buy a ready-made kit. Love the tongs and magnetic wand to pick up lids and seals.

Use tongs to put in water. (staged shot since this jar did not fit my canner). Don't force jars in, they will break and you'll get antipasto soup, trust me!

Put metal holder down into canner. Use kettle water (boiled) to fill canner to 1" above top of jars. Bring to boil. Boil for 30 min.

With tongs or thick oven mitts carefully take out jars and put on clean towel, not touching. Wait for the lovely 'pop' of the lids that says they are sealed or if the seals are indented.

The recipe makes 8 pints. Yum yum yum. Great gifts and party food. Goes great with crackers and cheese. Again, yum!!

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