How to Make a Fruity Parfait

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Slice up 2 bananas

Wash and clean strawberries

Finish slicing up all your fruits

Normally u would just use granola bar and crush it up but since I don't have that I am just gonna use cereal

Grab 4 hand full of cereal and put it in zig lock bag and crush cereal like this

Throw all your ingredientsbanana, strawberries and cereal into a big bowl (any kind of berries would go good with this too) sorry for lack of supplies, this was last minute!

Now get ready to mix the yogurt in

This is what it'll look like before mixing it

Mix it up by stirring up the fruits on the bottom to the top where the yogurt is

Done! Now enjoy guys

Watch the video: Fruit Parfait Recipe. Apple, Banana and Pineapple. Watermelon and grapes. Holiday treat

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