How to Cook Jollof Rice (Nigerian Way)

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Gather all ur ingredients

Blend the onion, peppers(as much as u like) and plum. U can add watever spice u like(garlic n or ginger)

While u r blending d peppers n onion, put d oil in ur pot on medium to high heat

Make sure d oil is hot before u add d pepper

Let the pepper, spices n seasoning in d pot reduce on d cooker till it's thickened. Steer occasionally so as not to burn. (when u want to steer u can reduce d heat so as to reduce splashing)

Boil d water in a kettle and pour in d reduced pepper adding stock also. And leave to boil while rinsing d rice.

Add d rice to d boiling pepper but don't steer! And make sure ur spoon or ladle does not touch d bottom of d pot else it burns n reduce heat to d lowest level possible and cover pot and leave to cook.

Should look like this when it's almost done! U can taste it to check if it's soft enough for u. Do not steer.

When it's soft enough, u can steer n eat :) enjoy!!!

N voila, u can eat wiv chicken, beef or salad. Yum yum


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