How to Add Doorknobs to Your Ikea Pax Wardrobe

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Spent all day gettin my fancy Pax wardrobe put together.

Even got fancy Hemnes doors to match my bedroom decor. Like an adult.

Snap, though - they're tough to open with no knobs. How am I supposed to get all my fresh threads i/o?

I'll go down to Ikea and beg em for some fly knobs that match my dresser.

Two drill bits - one the size of the bolt shaft, and one the size of the head.

Drillin that door just where I like it.

Gotta countersink the back cuz the screws are short.

Boom. Screw sticks out just far enough to get the knob on.

So pro.

Love me some knobs on my Pax.

Have to remember to sweep up my sawdust before the Mrs comes home.

Watch the video: Installing an IKEA Pax Closet


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