How to Make Chocolate Cupcake Cups!

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Beginning note! I didn't make this technique up (thank you Internet!) but it's so simple and tasty that I thought I'd share :D

Gather your supplies! No double boiler for this broke student, but my saucepan and glass bowl work wonderfully.

Put some water into your double boiler or saucepan and heat it until it simmers. The bowl you put on top needs a good seal with the pot, and don't cover it! Chocolate doesn't like moisture.

Once the water is simmering, put your chocolate in your bowl and start melting! Keep stirring, it melts fast :)

Boom! All melted.

Once the chocolate is ready, put a spoonful of that melted goodness into a baking cup.

Take your brush and 'paint' the chocolate up the sides of the cup. Don't worry about being perfect, there's another coat to come.

Once you've painted all your cups you have to wait for them to set. I pop mine into the freezer to speed up the process.

Once they're all set, melt more chocolate and repeat the process of spoon and paint! Try to cover any thin areas you see and make sure the bottom has a good coat. Now freeze them again to set!

After they're set, start peeling the cup off. It can take a second to get started, but once you find a good spot they come off pretty quickly. If it breaks you can always melt it down and try again!

And it's off! When you're peeling I find it helps to support the inside of the shell with your other hand. I've broken quite a few of these bad boys, but supporting the inside seems to help.

Now fill it with something delicious! I like chocolate mousse or berries, but would love to hear other tasty possibilities! These seem to last better if kept refrigerated until eaten ps! Enjoy :)

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